Loading emails for account creation

Before you can create backlinks, you must create the accounts on those websites, for that you will need an email address to send the confirmations to.

Ensure your windows DEFENDER is turned off, check this link how to do it.

After downloading, installing the package, and starting, you should see this front screen.
To create accounts there are 3 steps.

You must create your own email accounts seperate, BacklinkBuilderExpress does not create email accounts.

Step 1, Load an email account, ensure your spam filter is turned off, otherwise some emails you may never receive.

The email window will now open where you can choose options.

Step 2, Press import email, and choose your email account.

Step 3, Click on the text file which contains your email account.

The email format is like this for example below.


Test the email account works.

And then press