Buy Licence

Here you can purchase a licence for BacklinkBuilderExpress.

A 1 months licence costs just $28.00.

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The conditions and terms of the licence are as follows,

1, The licence can be used on 1 computer at any time. You may move the licence to a different computer, but if you use the licence on 2 or more computers at the same time, the licence will be disabled.

2, Upon completion of purchase, your licence will be emailed to you. We receive notification from Paypal normally within 30mins, as soon as PayPal informs us, we automatically send out your licence.

3, BacklinkBuilderExpress does it’s best to build on all platforms, but platforms go down, update their websites, make changes etc. It is not guaranteed that backlinkbuilderexpress will build on all sites, but the sites that it cannot build on, please report it to our forum, where we will do our best to get the platform working again.

4,Once purchased, the licence is non refundable due to the fact, that a free demonstration is available in the demo version of backlinkbuilderexpress.

5, Help is available on our forum.