Building multipage Web2

Selecting the correct Web2 blogs

A requested feature. You can build multipage Web2 on WEB 2 BLOGS not on WEB 2 PROFILES. Web 2 profiles only support 1 page, where as blogs support multipages.

Select one of the blogs, then right click and select AddMultiPage.


Enter the number of pages (Example 5 pages) that you wish to create and press OK


BBE will insert 5 account pages into the project under the same credentials(username, password etc). They are blank at this point with no backlink built.


If you wish to select multiple web 2 blogs for multipage, use CTRL and select mouse to add pages.


Threads are set to 1. Now you can build backlinks(pages) on these blogs and end up with multiple pages on these sites in the same manner as building ordinary pages.



If you try and build more than 1 page on the same Web 2 blog at the same time, it will use the same login credentials twice or more and will not be successful. Furthermore, the web 2 will probably ban you from building multiple pages too quickly, so build the pages one at a time.

However can select 2 or more different blogs (1 page on each) and set the threads higher, so that 1 page is built on different blogs at the same time. So for example, you could choose 10 web 2 blogs by CTRL MOUSE, one page on each blog, set the threads to 10, if youre computer is quick enough, and build 10 pages at the same time, but one page on each blog, thereby updating multiblogs at the same time. Great for a PBN.

If you really want to build multiple pages on one blog at the same time, use the proxy function, as this can build multiple pages on the same blog, at the same time, providing the blog can handle multiple logins from different IP’s under the same credentials. Use this function wisely.