Building backlinks from start to finish

Ensure your windows DEFENDER is turned off, check this link how to do it.

Youtube Step 1, Tutorial building web 2 backlinks with BBX

Youtube Step 2, Tutorial building web 1 backlinks with BBX

Youtube Step3 ,Tutorial using webscraper with BBX

Check out this tutorial on building backlinks here

Youtube Tutorial on how to build backlinks in 10 minutes.

There are 7 easy steps to build backlinks on Web2 and Web1 websites.

Step 1, Choose the backlink type that you wish to build.

Step 2, Load email account for account verification. (You must supply the email, BacklinkBuilderExpress does not create email accounts)

Step 3, Create accounts on the selected websites that you wish to build the backlinks on.

Step 4, Check and verify the emails the accounts sends to your selected email account.

At this point you have created the website accounts, hooray.

Step 5, Choose and download the selected article content for the backlinks.

Step 6, Build the backlinks.

Step 7, Verify the backlink has been built.



For this demonstration WITH QUICK PICTURES see below,

Step 1, click the Choose Backlink Type Platform

Select 1 of the web 2 sites, OR MULTIPLE SITES, for example zenwriting



Now load your email account, click this link to see how.

Press START REGISTER ACCOUNT to start the email account creation.

If its a web 2 website you will see a progress window open top left of the screen.
If its a Web 1, no progress window will open, but you will see the entries populate the screen.

When its completed registering accounts, you will see something like this below.

Some web 2 websites will need to have the accounts confirmed before allowing backlinks to be built, and the the app will say whether or not this is needed.

If you are unsure press the CHECK EMAIL ACTIVATION button to verify the accounts.

Next step is to get some articles for the backlinks, click here to see how.

So when ready, press the Build Backlinks Button

You will then see a small window open top left if building on Web2 websites, you wont see the window if building on Web1 websites.
You will see the progress on the main screen as each website status.

When backlink building is finished, Press the Verify button

To check how many successful backlinks have been built.

Backlink Building completed.